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Our Love Story

I've been analyzing my blog quite a bit lately and what it means to be a "life and style" blog. I share PLENTY of style every week with my Current Crush posts. However, there aren't a whole lot of life posts. I'm hoping to change that in the upcoming months! Especially with moving into the new apartment in August, I am sure there will be some home decor and recipe posts along the way.

Today I thought I'd share "Our Story"

--- Meet Q ---

Time Together:   3 1/2 years

How We Met:   We met in high school at a basketball game. I was playing in the pep band and Quincey played on the school basketball team. We started talking and really hit it off from there. However, I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16 and he patiently waited. Then on the morning of my 16th birthday, I opened my locker to find it filled with flowers from his parent's greenhouse, a teddy bear, a Naked drink and cream cheese muffin (my favorites). Then I turned around to find him asking me out. It was the sweetest thing. We've been together ever since.

3 Things I Love About Him:

1. He is so SUPPORTIVE of my blog. I'll mention something like "hey honey. I reached 800 followers today" and he'll say things like "wow, that's awesome!" or "let's throw a party!"

2. He has AMAZING taste in jewelry and loves to shop for unique pieces on Etsy.

3. We have so much fun doing ANYTHING together. We love watching TV, with Modern Family and Love in the Wild being our favorites! We also love to bake White Chocolate Coconut cookies and go to sports games together. But we could both also be perfectly content laying on the couch and talking for hours about absolutely nothing.

Our Relationship:

For almost the entire time we've been dating, Q and I have been in a long distance relationship. We had a nice first year together when we attended the same high school. However, Q is a year older than me so he graduated and I still had another year to go. The university he picked was 2 and a half hours away and we only got to see each other every three weeks or so. Then last fall, I attended my first year of university. Our two schools are still about 2 hours apart and we only see each other every 3 weeks. It just depends on my weekend work schedule.

The time we've spent apart has been pretty difficult, but we've survived it. The short weekends we have together are something I really look forward to. But then at the end of the year I am usually counting down the school days left! Summertime for us means spending every other day together since we live in the same hometown. We tend to look at our summer vacation as a way to make up for all the lost time throughout the school year when we don't see each other.

This summer all of that changed...

Q found out in late April that he got a paid internship for a pretty large company...based out of Oklahoma! At first I tried to forget about him being almost 8 hours away. I tried to be happy for him and this new and amazing opportunity, but that was hard to do when he could see I was unhappy.

After praying about it for awhile and hoping for the best, Q got a call a couple weeks later. It turned out this company has two branches in Kansas as well. I was so relieved to hear that he would be only be 3 hours away now. For me, that was something I could handle since we've gotten pretty good at the long distance thing by now.

I moved Q into his new apartment at the end of May and couldn't be happier for him. He has a gorgeous apartment all to himself and a closet which is at least twice as big as mine. In my opinion this is completely unfair. You don't deserve a closet that big if you don't have the clothes to fill it!

I still only see him every 2 or 3 weeks which is different than our normal summer schedule, but I am just thrilled that he's not 8 hours away. When we have a weekend together we make the most of it! So if there's a weekend where I'm not blogging or on Twitter much, it's probably because he's home.

So that's our love story...what's yours?

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