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Current Crush: Nail Polish Love

Last week I announced that I would no longer be hosting Current Crush on my blog each week. Meet Kristen...she's going to be your fabulous host for September! I have so much confidence in her and I just know she's going to do an AMAZING job hosting for me, engaging with all of you, and spreading the word about this link-up!

This week Kristen is here to do a "guest post" of sorts so you all can get to know her better. Then next week, be sure to head on over to HER blog to link up your Current Crush posts. You'll link up on her blog each Thursday for the month of September. One of those week's she will be donating a giveaway prize and for another week, I'll be donating a prize. You won't want to miss out!!

So what are you waiting more about Kristen and link up your posts below! Happy Thursday everyone and I can't wait to go through your posts to see what you're crushing on :)

hi y'all!!! i'm kristen and i blog at the wright stuff. I'mm soooo excited to be current crush thursday's september host! working with danielle is such an honor...isn't she the biggest sweetheart?! love her!!! sooooo....this being my first host i had to honor something danielle and i just love..nail polish!!!

honestly...if you follow us on twitter....we talk about it alot. prob too much...  ehh...we love it what can i say!!! well i've spent the last four months doing my own mani's and pedi's at home and i am addicted :) besides the fact that i can change my color a few times a week...i feel great that i did it myself. I just love a good bargain. oh and the great nail polish swaps that happen across the blogospehere...yeah i can't pass one up! i'm doing my third one right now! i love picking colors for a new friend :) so here are a few of my wishlist colors!!! (some are way $$$ but hey a girl can dream!!)

don't you just love a good neutral for everyday?!?
i'm loving the dark reds for fall/winter...
and a splash of color to accent a nail is the best!!!
what's your fav winter colors?!?


Current Crush Thursdays

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Jazz Up the Dinner Table

Disclaimer: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own.

Do any of you hate doing dishes as much as I do? Like seriously, now that I'm in my own apartment and making my own meals I feel like they just keep piling up! We do have a dishwasher, but then there are so many things that are hand-wash only. For example, all our knives, tupperware containers, and coffee tumblers.

There was a time last week when I looked at the sink full of dishes and thought to myself, "I wouldn't have to do dishes as much if we owned more of them." This was a ridiculous thought since we own 3 of the Corelle 16 piece sets, but it did cross my mind. Our Corelle sets are solid white and although they look stunning, sometimes they can be a little boring. Lately I've been dreaming up some different ways to bring a little bit of color to our dining room table.

Thanks to all of the amazing choices at World Market, I've come up with my dream table setting. This would be so perfect for a small family dinner or a night in with your girlfriends!

jazz up the dinner table

1. These mosiac napkins were my inspiration for the whole board. I absolutely love the different shades of green and the mosaic design is so unique!

2. This verde salad plate is the perfect pop of color when sat upon an all-white dinner plate. I also really liked the scalloped edges which gives the plate a little bit of flair.

3. Napkin rings are the perfect accessory, in my opinion. I chose the shiny brass napkin ring to compliment the green and made sure the design was simple enough to match the printed napkins.

4. I am head-over-heels for these green Sophia goblets. I love how they are lighter in color on the bottom than the top, kind of like a gradient. These would be perfect for a nice glass of lemonade or a fruity sangria.

5. The handles of this Danieli flatware set really caught my eye! So intricate and nothing like I've ever seen before. Although they are silver, I think they compliment the gold napkin rings quite well.

6. You can't enjoy that lemonade or sangria without a clear acrylic pitcher, right?

7. Two words...white ramekins. Not many of you know this, but I make a pretty delicious creme brulee so ramekins are a must have for me! I own a set very similar to these.

So now that I've mentioned creme brulee, your mouth is probably watering, right? Well you're in luck! World Market is always running new sweepstakes and contests on their Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook sites. Speaking of...have you entered the World Market Pin-It to win it contest? You totally should!!

You should also enter yourself in their NEW Gourmet Getaway Sweepstakes! This amazing grand prize is perfect for anyone who loves cooking, traveling, or both!! Oh and did I mention there are THREE runner-up prizes too? Here are all the details...

**Grand Prize package includes:

  • A trip for two to to Santa Fe, New Mexico (this is a 5 day Trip for 2 to Santa Fe which includes airfare and hotel)
  • Hands on Southwestern Cooking class with Master Chef
  • Personally signed glossy cookbook
  • Multi-course dinner at the acclaimed Geronimo
  • Southwestern Foodie Tour with a cultural kick
  • A $1,000 World Market gift card

** There will also be 3 runner up prize winners that will each receive a $500 World Market gift card!

**The Gourmet Getaway Sweepstakes runs from August 18, 2012 until September 21, 2012.

**If you share the sweepstakes with 5 of your friends (via FB share or email) you can receive 5 additional bonus entries. This is part of the registration process when entering. Users can also enter daily for more chances to win.


Meals from Last Week

Last week was our first full week living in our new apartment which called for some serious meal planning. Here's a little peek at what we've been eating over the last week...

Meal Planning Tips & Trick | by Framed Frosting
Linking up for Menu Plan Monday

All of these meals were delicious and seriously so so simple to make. Elizabeth and I sat down on Saturday night and asked ourselves the following questions as we went through the Dillons and Hy-Vee flyers. Here are a few questions we asked ourselves as we planned our meals for the week...

How Many Meals Do We Need to Make This Week?
- For Elizabeth and I this only amounted to four, since she was going to be gone one night. 

What Do We Already Have on Hand?
- My mom had purchased chicken breasts, ground beef, and tilapia on sale a few weeks ago and froze it for us. Therefore, we only had to purchase other items to pair with them.

What Staples Are On Sale This Week? 
- All types of pasta were on sale for $1.99
- Dole pre-packaged lettuce mixes were on sale for $1.99
- Kraft shredded cheese was on sale for 2 for $4
- Fresh strawberries were on sale for $1.98
- Kraft cheese slice singles were on sale for 2 for $5

What Recipes Can You Make With Those?
- I finally made use of my Recipe board to hunt down a few recipes! We also flipped through a couple cookbooks and our recipe binders too. We decided that we wanted two meals using chicken, one meal with ground beef, and then went from there!

What Do We Still Need to Buy?
- After we had our recipes picked out, we wrote up a grocery list of the things we still needed. Since we planned our recipes around what was on sale for the week, this worked out well and saved us quite a bit of money!

What Coupons Do You Have?
- We then went through the coupons we already had and picked out the ones we could use. Do NOT take coupons just because you have them! This will cause you to spend so much more money.

(we added cubed chicken to this too!)

* order Chinese take-out *

* Turkey & Pepper Jack paninis *
* Strawberry Mixed Greens salad*
(we also prepared meatballs to freeze & use later!)


* leftovers *
Do you make a meal plan each week? 
If so, what tips/tricks have you found work for you?

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Current Crush: Falling for Stripes

Don't worry...I have NOT forgotten about Current Crush Thursdays. Things around here have just been a little crazy lately. The apartment is coming together more and more each day and the homework load continues to grow too.

Anyways, today will be the LAST Current Crush that I host here on my blog. I've known for a couple weeks that I want to hand it over, but I wasn't sure of the best way. After some hard thinking, I finally came up with a solution that I think you all will love.

I will choose one co-host for each month (excluding December) and that person will be responsible for creating the linkys, writing up their post, and promoting Current Crush on their own. My blog link will still be required to follow, as well as that month's co-host. 

As for giveaway prizes, I would prefer that if you choose to host for the month that you provide a prize for at least ONE of the four weeks you're hosting. I'll also be donating a giveaway prize for another week. So each month there will be two weeks with prizes and two weeks without. Does that make sense?

If you're interested in being a monthly co-host, please send me an email. Then next Thursday, the host for September will be doing a guest post to introduce herself and her blog!

In the meantime, be sure to link up with me today. After all, it's my last week hosting before I turn it over to all of you!! Last week there were 39 fabulous ladies who linked up and the week before there were 51...let's see if we can set a new record!!

 Follow your host:
Danielle from Framed Frosting

The Rules
1. Follow your hosts
{They are the first 3 in the Linky and they WILL return the favor.}

2. Say Hi to at least 3 new people
{Or more! Introduce yourself... Its a great way to make new friends!}

3. Spread the word!
{The more the merrier! Grab a button and add it to your blog, 
Also, feel free to Tweet or Facebook about the link up.}

Current Crush Thursdays

This week I've been crushing hard on stripes. I think they are so great for fall and easy to mix and match. I really love when I see gals that mix stripes with florals, but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet...hopefully soon! As for now, I'll stick to stripes of all kinds. Skinny, fat, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and of course, chevron!!falling for stripes

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My First Stitchfix

After all the hustle and bustle of packing, unpacking, and organizing...our apartment is finally coming together! Wednesday and Thursday were both absolutely exhausting and then I woke up Friday morning to a really wonderful surprise -- my first "fix"

A couple weeks back I signed up for Stitch Fix. After you sign up on their website, you answer about 30 style questions so they can get to know your fashion style, items you're looking to stay clear of, brands you love, your sizes, price range, etc.

They then put together a special package just for you that includes 4-5 items. They ship that package to your house which allows you to shop in the comfort of your own home! You can try the different pieces on and then decide which ones to keep and which ones to send back. They provide a shipping bag and label for any or all items you wish to return!

They also include a free little gift in each package. For me, it was this cute package of post-it notes! Also included is a list of the items you received and their prices, as well as ways to style each item.

Here's a look at the 5 items I received in my package...


Although the sheer floral top and wool skirt were cute, they just aren't me. Then the navy jacket that I hated at first started to grow on me...if only it would have been a size smaller.

In the end the white cardigan and the necklace were the two items I really loved! However, with the necklace being $35 and the cardigan being $90, I could only afford to keep one. So I thought about it and although I have 10+ cardigans, I knew I would get great use out of having another one. Putting on a simple tee, jeans, and a cardigan is like my go-to style.

Overall, I really enjoyed my StitchFix experience. It allowed me to shop at home which I loved because I could combine these with items in my closet. It really made me think about how much use I'd get out of the item by paring it with pieces I already own and love.

Now that you've seen my fix, here are a few more important details you need to know...

What Does It Cost?
You pay a $20 styling fee, which can later be applied to whatever you decide to keep. If you decide to send it all back, then you lose that $20 credit.

What If I Like Everything?
If you choose to keep the whole package then you get a 25% discount. So for my entire package, it would have cost me about $177...not bad for 5 name brand items!

That Sounds Awesome! How Do I Schedule My Fix?
Simply sign up here, choose which date you'd like to receive your "fix", fill out the style questions and away you go! StitchFix does NOT bill you every month like other services. Instead, YOU pick when you'd like to receive a new package!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a $50 credit to apply towards my purchase. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest. I thoroughly enjoyed my StitchFix experience and will do it again.
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