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DIY Fashion Inspiration Board

For the past week or so, I've been cleaning up my Pinterest boards. I deleted my old fashion board and created a new one. Why you ask? Well here's the thing...I was starting to notice with my old board that I had a bunch of outfits pinned, but that some of them I no longer liked.

My fashion sense has been changing for the past year or so and I'm branching out from my "go-to look", which is this...

Cardigan or boring sweater - check.
Striped or floral top - check.
Scarf to match - check.
Boots - check.

I always ended up with a similar look, but now I find myself wanting to try new things. I'd love to be the girl who can mix patterns without thinking twice about it. So I swapped out my old board for a new one.

I also noticed that no matter how many outfits I pinned to my board, I never actually tried them. So I decided to change this too. Here's what I did...

DIY Fashion Inspiration Board | by Framed Frosting

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

DIY Fashion Inspiration Board
Make sure to hang this board somewhere in your bedroom or closet where you can easily see it. So that when you get dressed every morning, it will be there to INSPIRE you. To try NEW things.

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It's Okay to Say No

{a wonderful quote from Steve Jobs via}

You always hear stories about people with serious commitment issues.
You know the ones that can never say those three simple words - "I love you."

For me, it's different. Instead of struggling with those three words, I struggle with just one.
One word. Two letters. And you wanna know what that word is? -- "NO."

I have the WORST time saying "no" to people.
I have this tendency to say "yes" to everyone and everything, which is extremely frustrating.
No matter how many things I have on my to-do list, I think to myself...
"Oh come on, one more thing isn't going to hurt you."

But as I'm looking at my to-do list today, I'm realizing this is a problem.
Not only have I said yes to "one more thing" but I continue to do it over and over again.
That "one more thing" has now turned into "ten more things".

For the two weeks, I've felt overwhelmed, behind on emails, and drowning in to-do's.
I've been drained of all my blogging inspiration and I haven't had time to do much at all.
When Skye offered to help me out, I immediately wanted to say "no" to her.
Not because I didn't want the help, but because of who I am.
I knew I had to say "yes"...but just how could I do that?

I've always had this need to control everything and to do everything myself.
Thinking that no one else could possibly do it as well as I could and it's not worth it.
But let me tell you something, it IS worth it. 
Letting go sometimes is the best thing to do.
Here's what I'm learning this week...

It's okay to say "no" to things, in order to say "yes" to others.

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Healthy Snacks On-the-Go

As you all know, I haven't been around here much lately. My school schedule has been really hectic lately with midterm exams coming up, preparing for labs next week, etc. I feel as if I'm always running around, going from here to there, and back again.

Needless to say, my nutrition is lacking big time. I almost never have the time while I'm on-campus to grab lunch and their food is way overpriced anyways. So when I found out about the people behind Munchit, I got extremely excited.

Munchit delivers natural snacks through the mail. Their snacks consist of over 20 mouth-watering mixes of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, crackers, and natural treats to choose from. 

Munchit GIVEAWAY: 3 winners will EACH receive a ONE month subscription!

The idea is for you to create an online account with them, browse their food selection, and then you let them know if you’d love to munch or don’t wanna munch it for each of the mixes. 

Then, Munchit chooses 4 mixes to pack in your box based on your tastes. That means you’ll like every box, and it’s 100% unique to you while still a surprise.

(1) Choose a box and decide how often you wanna "munchit"
(2) Rate our snacks, and we’ll hand mix your box unique to your liking
(3) Your box is delivered to you anywhere in the USA
(4) Enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle 

Munchit GIVEAWAY: 3 winners will EACH receive a ONE month subscription!

Munchit is a new and upcoming company raising funds via Kickstarter. Their goal is to reach $50,000 by October 25th so they can purchase manufacturing equipment, supplies, etc. to make these fabulous boxes. Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" program meaning that they either raise ALL $50,000 or they get nothing. In order to reach their goal, they need YOUR help!

The lovely people at Munchit are teaming up with me, After Nine to Five, and LaLa Lists to host this AMAZING giveaway! There will be THREE winners who will each receive a ONE month subscription to Munchit (includes 1 box a week for 5 weeks). The winner can select from the list of mixes which ones they would love to try, and they'll customize each box based on their taste.

Munchit GIVEAWAY: 3 winners will EACH receive a ONE month subscription!

- Please enter via Rafflecopter below
- This giveaway is open to US residents ONLY!
- You MUST donate in order to enter the giveaway (min. of $1) 

This contest is only valid if they reach their Kickstarter goal by the 25th of October. If they do not reach the goal, entrants will not be charged the $1 fee, or whatever amount you choose to donate.

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