DIY Heart-Shaped Ribbon Tee

I’m great at giving gifts and am THAT girl who buys her Christmas gifts almost a year in advance. I know you already think I’m crazy but I just love having plenty of time to find that perfect gift for that special someone. I also love coming up with cute mushy-gushy love gifts that I can bust out at any given time, but for some reason Valentine’s Day just really isn’t my holiday.

You see, February is a busy month for Q and I as we celebrate my birthday and our anniversary…adding Valentine’s Day to that mix is just too much for us. So instead of exchanging gifts, we agreed on going to see Safe Haven in the theaters and then grabbing ice cream afterwards. Oh, and you bet I’ll be hitting up the stores Friday morning with my roommate to buy some vday chocolate at 70% off. It’s kind of our tradition and one we make sure not to miss out on!

Although, I won’t be sharing any creative Valentines ideas doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you all hanging. Breanna from My Beautiful, Crazy Life is my new DIY contributor and today she’s got an easy project to share with all of you. Go on now, gather up those supplies and make yourself a cute valentines t-shirt!

DIY Heart-Shaped Ribbon Tee
-Plain T-shirt (color of your choice)
-Ribbon (color of your choice)
Heart Stencil
-Measuring Tape
>> Step 1- First thing you’ll want to do once you have a heart stencil (I just went online and found a heart to my liking and printed it) is cut it out and place it on your t-shirt in the desired location and begin tracing the heart by using dashed lines spread about 1 inch apart.
>> Step 2- Once you have finished tracing and getting your lines how you want them then you will use your scissors to snip tiny holes along the dashed line in the direction that your heart outline is going.
>> Step 3- Next get your ribbon, find what spot you want the two end ribbon pieces to meet (I chose the right side of my heart as depicted above), and begin weaving it starting from the top side of the shirt to the bottom (this will ensure that your first ribbon end is above the shirt) all the way around the heart until you have ran out of holes to weave through making sure that your end ribbon is above the shirt as well.
>> Step 4- If both ends of the ribbon are on top of the shirt then you can now tie yourself a pretty bow. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to use the last hole during the weaving process for it caused your ribbon to be inside of the shirt because you’ll be hiding that hole with your bow :)
>> Step 5- Enjoy your easy Valentine’s DIY Heart Tee.

DIY Heart-Shaped Ribbon Tee


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    Wow, your blog looks a lot different from my last visit. Really like the sidebar fonts and graphics! This tee is way cute, and definitely something I’d think about making– maybe on a totebag? Thanks for sharing,Breanna!

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