Keep Calm and Light a Candle

There are a few things that calm and relax me when I’m stressed out. If you’ve read my About Me page, then you already know two of them…Grey’s Anatomy and dark chocolate. There’s also these amazing things called candles that glow and flicker when you light them. Oh yes, I love those a lot. What’s a lot you ask? Well, how about you judge for yourself.

Personally, I think every girl should own at least four candles. One of each category: relaxing, tutti fruity, home-sweet-homey, and romantic floral. Betcha didn’t know candles didn’t have categories, eh? Look at that, you learned something! Some girls would stop at just those four candles, but I like variety. I have about three candles for EACH of those categories.

gorgeous candle collection

Now, I’ll admit, I probably own wayyy more candles than I’ll ever need but I love changing up the scents. Sometimes when I’m feeling crazy I’ll even light two at a time and let the scents mix together. Speaking of “light”, let’s talk about how I like my candles. I’m a crazy girl who loves her MacBookPro, Hulu shows, and other high-tech things. But sometimes, I like to kick it old school. Like “we don’t have electricity so we have to light our candles with matchbooks” kind of old school.

Yep, I’m THAT girl who uses matchboxes to light her candles. There’s just something so cool about being able to strike a match and light your candle rather than using a lighter or candle warmer. Now, I don’t use just any kind of matchbooks, I use these ones…

adorable matchbooks via Design Darling

Umm yeah…check out all of that cuteness. I may be lighting my candles the old fashioned way but I’m doing it with serious style. Palm trees, dragonflies, and bumble bees with color-coded match tips. I’ve never seen anything so adorable. If you’re in the need of some new matchbooks, check out the entire collection here. After all, the shop is called Design Darling for a reason. Oh and if you’re a big fan of Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles like I am, these are perfect and can light all three wicks without burning out!

Here are my favorite candles and scents…
1 // relaxing :: Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path
2 // tutti fruity :: Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini
3 // home-sweet-homey :: Nature Wick Tranquil Waters
4 // romantic floral :: Diamond Candles Orchid Meadow

What about you…are you a candle addict?
Do you prefer a lighter, candle warmer, or old-school matchbooks?


  1. says

    I love candles, but since we move alot with the military and they wont move candles for us I have switched over to Scentsy. I am old school also and love to light candles with matches.

  2. says

    I love candles! Woodwick is my favorite!! I’m horrible at forgetting them though! I’ll light it and as soon as I’m accustomed to the scent in the house I forget that there is an open flame somewhere. So, I either burn them in the kitchen sink (because that won’t start a fire, right?) or I use wax burners.

  3. says

    AH, I’m jealous! And now I want those matchbooks too (I use boring old lighters). I am way too easily affected by other bloggers, haha.


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