Six Steps to Clean Up Your Life

Happy  Tuesday everyone! I am so happy to have Leigh Anne, my new Clean & Fit contributor, here today to share a few tips with all of you. Today she is sharing her SIX easy tips to clean up your life. Take it away girl!

Hi friends, I’m Leigh Anne and I blog at Hart to Heart. I’m so glad to be here as a contributor! Over a year ago I began my journey down the road of health and fitness when my husband deployed to Afghanistan for a 10 month tour of duty. I could go into my in-depth story of how I’ve been a dancer my whole life or how I have been blessed miracualsely with the metabolism of a baby, however we can save that for a later date (or you can read about it here)! Today I am here to tell you some simple steps that you can clean up your life.

  1. Cut the crap: no, seriously cut out the pop, the junk food, and the fast food! I have nothing good to say about pop even in moderation. The things that companies are putting into processed foods these days are horrific. So your best step is to ” cut-it-out” (Full house anyone?). 
  2. Drink up: not the booze, but water! The best key to a healthy lifestyle is drinking plenty of water! My suggestion, invest in a cute water bottle that motivates you to drink plenty of that H2o every day! 
  3. Stop using the “D” word: Diet….ugh. Everyone has a diet– it is what you eat on a daily basis. However it seems like everyone now days is on a “diet”. Fad diets do not work, so stop throwing that word around like a baseball! 
  4. Step away from the scale: Scales are stressful things. My best piece of advice is take one week at a time, and only weigh yourself at the same time of day. Weight fluctuates from morning to evening, so pick a happy medium somewhere between noon and 2pm! 
  5. Find your soulmate workout: Although diet is 80%, exercise is a huge contributor to a healthy lifestyle. The best thing you can do for yourself is find a workout that you love and stick with it! If you need to get some cardio in, and hate running… then don’t run! Try a Zumba class, or spinning! If you need to do some weight training and hate working out alone, then try Crossfit! 
  6. Stop waiting until ‘Monday’: Haven’t we all done it? I’ll start eating right next Monday…. or I’ll workout next Monday and stick with it! Stop procrastinating and start now! 
Six Steps to Clean Up Your Life

Although very generalized, by following those 6 steps– any ‘newbie‘ to health and fitness can clean up their act! I am passionate about what I believe in and know that now is the time to take control of your body! Over the past 3 months I have been struggling with sickness, and new food allergies I am suddenly learning about. I know best that you are the only person who can take care of yourself, and you surly do not want to wait until it is too late! 


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    Oh gosh, I read this thinking “Oh yeah! I totally need to cut processed sugar and food out,” and am eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I have got to start slowly phasing out the healthy and eat cleaner.

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    Oh so very true…I recently chose to go vegetarian and it is so easy to make that an excuse to eat junk if I’m not careful …of course all that clearance valentine’s day candy is meatless, but it sure won’t make my hips meatless! :)

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    I loved this post. Today, My fiance and I actually just did a ‘clean-out’ of everything in our cabinets that was fatty or just plain bad for you! Then we went to the grocery store and bought a whole grocery list’s worth of healthy food. Our list has never been so healthy, and I have never been so happy about it. We’re getting married in September, so we want to look good, but more importantly, we have a one year old and we want her to eat healthy. Why should she have to eat healthy if we don’t, and so now, we are. Thanks for this post!


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    These are great tips that are appropriate for anyone to follow! I especially like the “no fad diets” tip! They are all useless. :)


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