WIWW: Red and White Stripes

striped cardigan + skinny jeans
striped cardigan + skinny jeans
neutral nails + starfish ring + striped cardigan
striped cardigan + skinny jeans
Cardigan: c/o Sammydress | T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret | Jeans: XXI 
Pearl Earrings: Target | Starfish ring c/o Chicnova | Boots: Target

I don’t know about all of you but I am sick of it being so cold and windy around here. Lucky for me, the past few days have been pretty nice out. It’s still a little windy, but the sun is shining and the temperatures are slowly heating up. Who knows, maybe hot, summer weather will be here sooner than we know it! Yes, I just started a blog post by talking about the weather. That was awkward.

Anyways…with all this crazy weather, I’ve really found cardigans to be the perfect piece of clothing! I’ve always had a thing for them but lately my obsession has grown to a whole new level. I’ve discovered patterned caridgans. Whether it be stripes, floral, polka dots…I love them all! I’m still on the lookout for an amazing aztec/tribal caridgan though. Haven’t found that gem quite yet.

This red + white striped cardigan from Sammydress was only $7 {totally not kidding} and it fits and looks amazing! Secondly, let’s just talk about these stripes for a minute. I love how the pattern is bright and bold without making too much of a statement. Needless to say, I’ll be buying a few more patterned cardigans in the future. Maybe if I’m brave enough, I’ll mix a patterned cardigan with my new polka dots jeans from Target. {Wait, is that even legal?}


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    I adore cardigan as well! I think I have a couple of striped or patterned ones in my closet, but I’m not sure. I will have to check on that! But cardigans are my go-to; they simple work with everything!

    And a striped cardigan with polka dot pants might be legal :)

    xo, gina

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    Blog hopping – I was going to wear red and white today but changed to black and white. I think the strips with the polka dots would look cute – go for it!

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    Um, first, let me just say you are too darn cute and have such a great smile {it’s the truth, I’m not just trying to butter you up lol}
    Second, love love love that cardigan, ugh, I’ve been needing some new ones! I find good ones at the thrift store but I really need bright colors and patterns. Thanks for putting me in the shopping mood haha {my husband thanks you too…not lol}
    Blessings, Jacy

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