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DIY Polka Dot Coffee Mug

By now you all have heard about Vine, right? {For those of you who are sick of it, please hear me out.} I signed up with the intentions of using it for blogging purposes...oh, and my successful Target shopping spree. {Have you seen the new spring arrivals? Gorgeous!} Anyways, when I decided to do a DIY project I figured Vine would be an easy, yet effective way to show you a step-by-step tutorial.

With all the cold weather we've been having here lately, I've been drinking a lot of coffee. It's been great because I'm finally making use of our 12 white ceramic coffee mugs. {Yep, I said 12.} However, those white mugs are pretty darn boring and yesterday I had an amazing stroke of craft genius. Those moments don't happen too often, so when they do I make sure to take full advantage!

I've always been a big fan of Kate Spade as seen here. There's just something about white with gold polka dots that makes me extremely happy. polka dots! Those would be perfect for my mugs! I headed to my local Michael's to pick up this gorgeous set of Martha Stewart paints for 40% off.

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DIY polka dot coffee mug

I am *soooo* thrilled with the way my mug turned out. The entire project didn't cost much (about $18) but it sure looks like it cost me a fortune! I am going to be looking for every excuse possible to sip out of this beauty. The only problem I have now is that I want to paint them all. I bought a set of 10 paints so the color options are endless.

Tips I Learned:

- When pulling off the reinforcements, it's easier to tear it and then pull around the circle rather than pulling off the entire thing in one piece.

- Some of your dots won't turn out the way you hoped. To fix this, I took a pencil eraser and dipped it into the paint. Then I went over all the dots to make them a little bit bigger and perfectly circular!

- If you bake your mug according to the Martha Stewart directions, it can be top-rack dishwasher safe! How awesome is that? {I've since dishwashed mine several times and they still look like new!}


Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

Disclosure: Sugarwish sent me a free box of candy in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own.

February is right around the corner which means you'll be seeing a lot of red, pink, and white. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays for quite a few reasons. Well, the day after (in my opinion) is the best part of the whole thing. All of those fancy chocolate boxes go on sale for 70% off. This year, I'll be buying quite a few of those 70% off chocolate boxes like I usually do. But I also decided to try something new.

Introducing Sugarwish...An online company that allows you to send an e-card to someone special -- just in time for Valentine's Day. Once they open your e-card they'll see your sweet message and are provided with a gift certificate code to purchase their box of sweet treats.

Besides the adorable packaging, another thing that I really love is that the recipient gets to pick their OWN candy to be included in their box. Sugarwish offers a large variety of candy to choose, starting with the original candies like M&M's and Skittles. They also offer salt-water taffy, jelly beans, jawbreakers, gummies, and sugar-free options too!

For my box, I chose a few candies that were favorites from my childhood...peach rings, cinnamon bears, cotton candy taffy, and my absolute favorite LEGO building blocks!

Today Sugarwish has been SO generous to offer you all a very *sweet* giveaway. They usually don't offer discount codes or coupons, so this giveaway is a great chance to try Sugarwish for free!!

What FOUR candies would you choose?

Giveaway is open to US residents only.

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My Last Weekend of Freedom

Today is my first day back to school. Starting a new semester always seems to stress me out. It's just a massive list of things to do: purchase textbooks, print out the syllabus for every class, write test dates in my planner so I don't forget.

Oh yeah, and the simple fact that homework is now a daily thing again. That's definitely something I never look forward to. So, here's a look at my weekend according to my Instagram feed. What I'm calling, my last weekend of freedom before heading back to school.

1 // finding our mailbox shoved with magazines, bills, and coupons!
2 // studying for my exam while using my new Anthro mug
3 // later that night, I passed my exam!!

1 // making fruit smoothies with our Magic Bullet
2 // playing a friendly game of Apples to Apples
3 // cinnamon raisin french toast with raspberry sauce

1 // game night and virgin Piña Coladas (recipe coming soon!)
2 // packing up everything and ready to head back to school
3 // coming home to find Sugarwish waiting for me!

Speaking of Instagram...this Friday I'll be hosting the FIRST Insta-Photo Challenge! Simply follow the hosts on IG and take a photo that fits that week's theme! Then, the hosts will look through all the photos and together pick their favorite photo to win a $10 Starbucks gift card!!

I'm linking up for Weekend Update.

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WIWW: Stripes and Anchors

stripes + cobalt jeans
stripes + cobalt jeans
striped top via Old Navy
stripes + anchor necklace via Lisa Leonard

Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Fortuity | Necklace: Lisa Leonard
Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Target | Boots: Target

I'm am so NOT the kind of person who sets goals for myself. Usually because I hate myself when those said goals aren't achieved. With that said, one of my goals for this upcoming year is to build more outfits with the clothes I already have and make it a habit to link up every single Wednesday.

I've come a long way since my first photo shoot, but I still have a lot of room for improvement. You see, outfit posts aren't easy for me. I don't own a fancy DSLR camera or a tripod, but I've got a point-and-shoot camera that takes pretty good pictures. However, not having a tripod means that someone actually has to take my photos for me...and that would be my man Q.

But you see, there are just so many things men don't understand...
The main differences between a cardigan and a sweater.
Why women take hours to do their hair and make-up. 
Our love for babies and reality television shows.
The need to know about all celebrity gossip.

Oh...and how to take good outfit photos.

It's true. I always have this vision in my mind of how I want the photos to turn out. However, it's nearly impossible to relay that information to a man. When that happens, you get a couple great photos like the ones above. What about the rest? Well, LOTS and lots of outtakes. Enjoy my friends!

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My Top 10 Posts of 2012

2012 was a fabulous year for me for so many reasons. 
I began making a name for myself and my blog. 
I felt like I was starting to fit in more.
Posting about things I loved.
Forming friendships.
Real friends.

This past year was also a tremendous year for growth.
Readers grew from 800 to a whopping 1,200.
Growing as to what it means to be a blogger.
As a full-time college student.
And how to manage both.

Overall, it was an amazing year.
I'm so excited for what 2013 has to offer me and this blog.
I'm opening up my blog to contributors {apply here}.
Getting a new blog design.
And so much more.
As a way to start off the new year, 
Let's recap the Top 10 posts from 2012.
Who knows, you may find something you haven't read before.

10. Feeling nervous about my first WIWW post.

9. Five DIY projects for the new apartment {Would be #1 if I had actually completed more than just one of them!}

8. When I shared my secret recipe for the Best Ever Banana Muffins.

7. That time Erin from Living in Yellow taught you all a thing or two about blogging.

6. Gave the living room a makeover thanks to World Market.

5. Hosted not one, but two yummy Tookies contests.

4. Also hosted an amazing "Gift Your Gift" holiday giveaway.

3. Learned that jeggings are a wardrobe must-have.

1. Completed my gorgeous all-white DIY gallery wall.

Now those were MY favorite posts from the year...what were YOURS?

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