Google Analytics 101 Webinars

Last year I blogged about my 5 Tips To Use Google Analytics More Efficiently. It was a huge hit among bloggers and is one of my most-popular posts to date. I am constantly receiving questions on Twitter or via email about how to use Google Analytics.

In an effort to help bloggers and shop owners understand Google Analytics, I am starting a series called, Google Analytics 101 Webinars. There are two options available: Group webinar or 1-on-1 webinar.

Google Analytics Webinars | $20 for a 60-minute session via
Group Webinar: 
  • 60-minute webinar with a maximum of 8 attendees. First 45 minutes are spent teaching and the last 10-15 minutes are reserved for asking questions. 
  • Two levels are available: Beginner or Advanced. 
  • Webinars take place on Wednesday nights, Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday afternoons. (Schedule can be found here.)
  • One hour prior to the webinar, you will receive an email with the PowerPoint notes so that you can follow along during my presentation.
  • If you coordinate a group of 8 members to participate in a Group Webinar and all attendees show up, everyone will receive $5 off the current rate. 

If you would like to reserve your spot in a Group Webinar, please email me with the subject line “Google Analytics Group Webinar.” Please make sure you look at the calendar and include your preferred date & time in your email. You’ll also need to choose the Beginner or Advanced level.


1-on-1 Webinar:

  • This is a webinar tailored to your needs. Simply choose what you’d like to work on and we will walk through it together.
  • We will work together to find a day and time that fits both of our schedules.
  • Topics and tasks may include but are not limited to:
o   Creating a Custom Dashboard using widgets (i.e. Most Popular Day of the Week, Top Referrals, Visits by Country, etc.)
o   Creating Custom Reports (i.e. Posts with the Most Overall Pageviews)
o   Creating Shortcuts to access later
o   Locating Trackback URL’s (to track where your site has been featured)
o   Creating your own URL Campaigns (to track clicks from specific links)
o   Finding your Most Popular Keywords
o   Creating Pie Charts (Mobile vs. Desktop Visitors)
o   Most popular Day of the Week/Time of Day
If you’d like to book a 1-on-1 webinar, please email me with the subject line “Google Analytics Individual Webinar.” Make sure you include the topics and tasks you would like to discuss and your preferred date & time.


  1. says

    SO exciting for you girl! You are a rockstar and I am so lucky I get to know you and chat about these things.

  2. says

    I think webinars are great for people who need hands on learning :) Hopefully you’ll have a great turnout for your first (and all the ones after!)

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