Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park

Disclosure: I was compensated to attend a private party to celebrate The Container Store’s grand opening in Overland Park, Kansas. This post also contains affiliate links. However, all opinions are my own.

Before yesterday, I had no idea that heaven existed here on earth! WOW! The Container Store has everything you could ever dream and more. Plus, their bright colors and patterns make organizing so much more fun!

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park, Kansas

When I heard The Container Store was coming to Kansas, I was absolutely thrilled! I had never been to one of their stores before and was eager to check out their products. My mom and two of my girlfriends attended the party last night and enjoyed plenty of good food and champagne while browsing the store and looking at all of their awesome products.

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park, Kansas

If you want to organize any part of your home, this is the place to go! Whether you’re an OCD organizer like me or someone who finds organizing to be stressful, you have to check it out. The staff at both of the blogger tour and private party were so friendly and helpful. Simply, tell them what you want to organize and they will suggest all the products you need to get organized.

A lot of their products are sold in bright colors and/or fun patterns which makes it impossible not to be excited about organizing your home! I really loved their Prism Stockholm Collection, which is part of the Summer Sale. This collection is the perfect pop of color (and print) for your home office! (For something more subtle, check out the Stockholm Grey collection.)

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park

I also fell in love with their Pippi drawer organizers. I will definitely be purchasing a few of these to organize the top and middle drawers of my new filing cabinet. I love that they combined grey, a bright color, AND polka dots all in one product! These would also be a cute way to organize your bras, underwear, tights, socks, etc. in your dresser drawer.

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park

Speaking of organizing your clothes, did you know that The Container Store has their own closet system? You only need to know 2 things: it’s called TCS Closets and they are gorgeous!! The drawer pulls and everything are totally customizable and they are so well-built. I walked into the closet they had set-up and immediately felt like Carrie Bradshaw. The closet was huge and the drawers were all different. Some had velvet organizers for jewelry, others had tall dividers for sweaters, and one drawer even had a tilt-out hamper for dirty clothes – genius!

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park

In addition to adding a LOT of products to my wish list, I also filled my belly with delicious food! There were different food stations set up around the store with mini sandwiches, BBQ sampler jars with grits, BBQ beef and coleslaw, three different kinds of gazpacho, cakes and pies (my favorite!), and even an Asian station. All of the food was served in TCS containers and styled around The Container Store products which I thought was awesome and extremely creative!

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park

Thank you so much to The Container Store for having us! We had an amazing time and as I mentioned, I have a HUGE wish list of products that I can’t wait to buy! If you’re in the Kansas City area this weekend, RUN (do not walk) to The Container Store on 119th Street and Roe Ave!

Grand Opening Details:
Saturday June, 26th and Sunday, June 27th (store opens at 9am!)
Giveaways EVERY hour on the hour, including $1,000 elfa Space Makeover with Installation
Share on social media using the hashtag #ContainKansasCity for a chance to win $250 gift card!
10% of the Grand Opening weekend profits will be donated to the I Love Children’s Mercy Fund.

Grand Opening of The Container Store In Overland Park

Do you shop at The Container Store?
What space of your home needs to be organized?

25 Limoncello Desserts

Summer is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of chilled limoncello? I tried limoncello for the first time last spring and absolutely loved it. So much so that I bought some vodka and lemons and made a batch of homemade limoncello!

Limoncello is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, making it the perfect liqueur for summer. It pairs beautifully with fresh berries, as seen in recipe for Limoncello Berry Mini Trifles. I highly recommend serving a piece of angel food cake with berries on top that have been soaked in limoncello. Top it off with fresh whipped cream and you’ve got a quick & easy dessert that is seriously delicious!

You can use limoncello in baked desserts and some of the alcohol with bake out, leaving you with that sweet, mellow flavor. Or use it in no-bake desserts and frozen desserts to really boost the lemon flavor. Below is a list of 25 Limoncello Desserts that I can’t wait to try!

25 Limoncello Desserts via

1. Limoncello Berry Mini Trifle via Framed Frosting

2. Lemon Coconut Pudding Cakes via This Gal Cooks

3. Blueberry Lemon Curd Mousse Tarts via Daydreamer Desserts

4. Sea Salted Limoncello Popsicles via Pink Patisserie

5. Blueberry Limoncello Pavlova via Taste With the Eyes

6. Blueberry and Limoncello Cheese Crepes via Vikalinka

7. Lemon Drop Bread with Candied Lemon Slices via Frugal Foodie Mama

8. Lemon Macarons with Limoncello Buttercream via Saving Room for Dessert

9. Limoncello Graham Cracker Bars via Long Distance Baking

10. White Chocolate Limoncello Truffle Cake via In My Red Kitchen

11. Limoncello and Ricotta Cake via A Beautiful Bite

12. Lavender Limoncello Cookies via The Tastes of Kensington Avenue

13. Limoncello Tiramisu Ice Cream via Cooking With Curls

14. Creamy Limoncello Ice Cream via Vintage Kitchen Notes

15. Limoncello Tiramisu via One Perfect Bite

16. Limoncello Cupcakes via Normal Activities

17. Limoncello Creme Brûlée via Twirl and Taste

18. Limoncello Pound Cake with Mascarpone Lemon Frosting via Circle B Kitchen

19. Lemon and Limoncello Bundt Cakes via Seattle Pastry Girl

20. Tangy Lemon Limoncello Pie via Noble Pig

21. Lemon Heaven Cake via Use Real Butter

22. No Bake Limoncello Pie via Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

23. Lemon Angel Food Cake via Mother Thyme

24. Three-Ingredient Limoncello Lemon Ice Cream via The Kitchen Is My Playground

25. Limoncello Lemon Cake via Liv Life

Have you tried limoncello before?
If so, have you ever made a dessert with it?

Graduation Dessert Table with Raspberry Sherbet Punch

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Wilton as a member of their Sweet Treat Team. However, all opinions are my own.

On Friday night, I graduated from college!! It still feels so weird to say (or type) that sentence. My college days are officially behind me and it’s time to enter the real world. This past weekend was filled with so many graduation-related activities. The ceremony was late Friday night followed by ice cream and a run to the liquor store for a bottle of champagne. Then, we spent all of Sunday morning baking and getting ready for my graduation party on Sunday afternoon.

I started planning my graduation party early this year and gathered some ideas on Pinterest for colors, what to serve, etc. I knew we were going to keep the guest list small – about 25 friends and family members. I also knew that I wanted to do an afternoon party with my famous punch and of course, a graduation cake. After my trip to Wilton Sweet Up, I left with so much inspiration from the Jenny Cookies session and decided that an entire dessert table would be so much fun and would provide guests with a variety of sweet treats.

Here is a look at the entire dessert table. I chose blue and red (KU colors) and we even found a few Jayhawk items, like the balloons and scrapbook paper under the glass of the Display Your Way Cake Stand. Unfortunately, the cake board was too big to see it but it was there, nonetheless!

College Graduation Dessert Table | College Graduation Dessert Table |

On Sunday morning, I baked up a batch of cupcakes using the doctored box cake mix recipe from Jenny’s book – Eat More Dessert. I used a box of white cake mix and a box of white chocolate pudding for these cupcakes and they were fantastic! The box of pudding mix and extra egg make the cupcakes nice and moist and they baked up perfectly, no lopsided ones!

To frost these cupcakes, I used the new Wilton Color Right system which I LOVE! The colors are super concentrated and it didn’t take much red to achieve this color. After I divided my buttercream recipe and colored each half, I placed the blue icing in a decorating bag and the red icing in a separate bag. I cut off about an inch at the bottom of each bag and tied off the top with an icing bag tie (these prevent icing from flying out the top!). I put a 1M tip in a separate decorating bag, placed the two bags in there and piped the swirls! (Watch this tutorial video if you’re confused.) They turned out great and a few guests were surprised that I decorated them!

College Graduation Dessert Table |

The pretzel rods were really easy to make and were a huge hit with the kids who came to my party! I dumped one bag of royal blue Candy Melts into the Wilton Candy Melts Melting Pot and turned it on. About five minutes later, it was perfectly melted and ready for dipping. I spooned the candy melts over the pretzel and made sure all sides were coated. Then, I tapped off the excess and laid the pretzel rod on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and Q added sprinkles. After the chocolate had hardened on the pretzel rods, I arranged them in a tall, glass vase so that guests could easily grab one.

Everything on my dessert table was made by Q and I, except for the cream puffs in the dish next to the pretzel rods. Those are straight out of a box from Sam’s Club – it doesn’t get easier than that! Speaking of Sam’s Club, we also had them make my cake because it gave me more time to work on the other desserts. I am so glad I saved myself that time and frustration!

College Graduation Dessert Table |

I wanted to offer a non-chocolate dessert so I decided on mini Nilla puddings. I served them in yellow polka dot cups that I found at the dollar store about a year ago (see similar here). I made a crust of Nilla wafers, sugar, and melted butter and pressed it into the bottom of each cup. Then, I placed two banana slices on top of the crust and covered with banana pudding.

A few minutes before the party started, I topped each one off with a dollop of whipped cream but as the party went on, the whipped cream melted. If you make these, I would suggest that you let your guests do the whipped cream themselves right before they eat it.

College Graduation Dessert Table |

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about my famous raspberry sherbet punch! We make this for every big celebration (we had it at my high school graduation party too!) and it’s what people talk about most. It’s super easy to make and feeds a huge crowd – about 20-25 cups. Some of the guests this weekend (myself included) had a few glasses each so we made another batch of punch about halfway through the party.

You can customize this punch using any flavor of sherbet, but raspberry works best. This punch is the perfect combination of sweet and tart and like I said, it’s always a huge hit. I’ve never done it but I suppose you could also make a boozy, adult-only punch by adding vodka or sparkling wine!

College Graduation Dessert Table |

My graduation party went off without a hitch! I was also pleased to see that by the end, most of the desserts were devoured! I have to give a HUGE thank you to Q, who helped me in the kitchen all morning long. We made a huge mess (is it possible to make icing without getting powdered sugar everywhere?) but it was so worth it! And although they probably won’t read this – thank you to everyone who attended my party and helped me celebrate. I still can’t believe I did it!!

College Graduation Dessert Table |

Do you know anyone graduating this month?
What desserts would you feature on your dessert table?

Raspberry Sherbet Punch

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 20-25 cups


  • 1 can frozen pineapple juice, thawed
  • 1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 1 2-liter bottle of Sierra Mist, chilled
  • 1 quart raspberry sherbet, frozen
  • 1 pint fresh raspberries


  1. Pour both juice cans into a large punch bowl. Add Sierra Mist and stir until combined.
  2. Garnish with fresh raspberries.
  3. Just before serving, use a large ice cream scoop to add sherbet scoops to the punch bowl. The sherbet will slowly melt, making the punch frothy and keeping it cold.


If the punch is too sweet, use one of the juice cans to add 1-2 cans of cold water. For a boozy, adult-only punch, add vodka or sparkling wine (no more than 2 cans).