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Easter Basket Idea for The Aspiring Baker

Disclaimer: Some items in this post were sent to me by Wilton. However, this is not a sponsored post and I'm not being compensated to write this. I just wanted to share a simple Easter basket idea with you! This post also contains affiliate links.

Easter is right around the corner and if you're like me, you still have lots of shopping to do. Luckily I don't have kids to worry about, but I enjoy putting Easter baskets together for friends and family. This year when I was thinking about what to put together, it occurred to me that most of my friends are Aspiring Bakers. What gift could be better than an Easter basket filled with baking supplies?

Easter Basket Idea for The Aspiring Baker via

Easter Baskets are not just for kids anymore. This basket is perfect for any aspiring baker you know - no matter the age. I love that this basket can also be adjusted based on their age or level of baking expertise. If they are just starting out, start with some simple baking supplies like the ones below. If they are more of an experienced cake decorator, you could include some fondant or gum paste tools.

Easter Basket Idea for The Aspiring Baker via
Easter Basket Idea for The Aspiring Baker via
Easter Basket Idea for The Aspiring Baker via

Supplies Needed:

1. Large Mixing Bowl (similar) - instead of a traditional wicker basket, opt for a mixing bowl that they can use time and time again.

2. PEEPS - an Easter basket isn't complete without a package of PEEPS bunnies or chicks. Am I right? These blue chicks would make amazing cupcake toppers!

3. Marshmallow Candy Melts - any flavor of Candy Melts will work, but these are my favorite. The have the gooey, marshmallow flavor without the sticky mess! Use these to make my Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix.

4. Silicone Cupcake Liners (similar) - I love making muffins with silicone cups because you can pull them off easily. Plus, these flower-shaped liners are perfect for Spring!

5. Silicone Spatula (similar) - I believe in getting every last drop of cake mix out of the bowl and these spatulas are perfect for doing just that.

6. Sprinkles - who doesn't love sprinkles? They are the easiest way to dress up cupcakes, cookies, and anything else! I included this cute Spring Chick set as well as Pink Colored Sugar.

7. Mini Fondant Cut-Outs Set - this set is great for anyone who is new to fondant. Simply roll out your fondant and use these plungers to cut out shapes. Let them dry and then adhere them to your cupcake! This set is also great for making decorations to put on top of Petit Fours.

8. Icing Decorations (exact) - Wilton makes a ton of different icing decorations and they are so versatile. I've seen them used on marshmallow pops, on sugar cookies, and on top of pretzel bites!

9. Ready-to-Decorate Icing (exact) - Sometimes you don't want to whip up a homemade batch of buttercream and that's when these come in handy! The bottles come with 4 different tips to make leaves, stars, etc.

As an aspiring baker myself, I would be over-the-moon to receive a gift like this from a friend or family member. If you have someone in your life who loves to bake, I highly suggest buying some new baking supplies to give them. This gift is simple to put together and doesn't cost much, but it packs a great punch!

Do you know an Aspiring Baker?
What are your favorite baking items?

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My Trip to Wilton Sweet Up

Disclosure: This was an all-expenses paid trip by Wilton, but this post is in no way sponsored. I simply wanted to share my trip with all of you because I had an amazing time!

Over the weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Wilton Sweet Up event in Illinois. I learned more about buttercream, fondant, and Candy Melts than I thought was possible! If you missed the event, you can watch it here.

Friday morning we attended a decorating class taught by Sandy Folsom at The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary Art. This was my first time playing with fondant so I struggled with some of the techniques at first. However, the instructors were so wonderful and by the end of the class, I felt more confident and had a few techniques under my belt. I will happily take full credit for making the white fondant leaves that you see on the top tier!

During the morning session, we were put into teams and had 45 minutes to decorate a cake using the techniques we had learned. Our group was quickly inspired by a rose cake in the room and decided to create a cake with a rose dome on top! I think it turned out gorgeous and our group won the award for "Best Garden Design".

Awarded "Best Garden Design" at Wilton Sweet Up 2014

After the morning session, we were able to shop at the Wilton Store...or shall I say, pure heaven. The store was HUGE and had more tools, sprinkles, and cake pans than I could have ever imagined. I loved working with fondant so much that I stocked up on some new supplies. I also picked up a decorating tip organizer so that mine are no longer floating around in a ziploc bag!

Shopping at the Wilton Store in Darien, IL
Shoes: c/o Tieks

Items Purchased: Fondant Roller, Daisy Cut-Outs, Dust-N-Store Dusting Pouch, 10 Pc. Fondant and Gum Paste Tool Set, Sea Life Fondant and Gum Paste Mold, Flower and Leaf Mini Fondant Cut-Outs Set, Pearl Dust (in Gold and White), Fondant Trimmer, Sugar Pearls in White, Tip Organizer, and 6 Pc. Bake-Even Strip Set

After we shopped our hearts out, we headed over to Wilton HQ for the Sweet Up event. We walked into the building and were greeted with a gorgeous, purple carpet and speech bubbles to match our baking personalities!

Shannon and Me

After walking the carpet, we took our seats in the 2nd row of the showroom! Wilton's CMO, Eric Erwin, kicked off the Sweet Up event and then handed the microphone over to Beth Somers, Test Kitchen Manager, to talk about the 5 mega trends for 2014...

1. Buttercream
One of my favorites was this Spring Field Buttercream Cake, which features the "messy" icing technique and a cute DIY element. I can't wait to try the messy icing look on my next cake!

Spring Field Buttercream Cake
Photo Credit: Wilton

2. Less Is More
I absolutely love this trend because when I try to go "big", it never turns out the way I'd like it to. I love this Plush Orange Ribbon Cake because it looks gorgeous, but also looks like something I could manage to make without screwing up.

3. Tall Cakes
I have been a fan of tall cakes for awhile now, especially the "naked" cakes where you can see all the insides. There is just something so beautiful about this Naked Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake. I can't wait to purchase the new Easy Layers Cake Pan Set so that I can bake a naked cake!

4. Small Treats
I developed a new love for Petite Fours and can't wait to try some of my own! The small treats category also included mini cakes, brownie bites, cookies, and bars.

5. Fondant
Also known as, my new best friend. I love how fondant allows your cake to be completely smooth. There are also many different designs you can create with fondant using cut-outs, plungers, etc. You can even paint fondant with icing color to create a watercolor effect!

At Friday's event they also unveiled the 2014 Cake of the Year. Each year, the decorators at Wilton compete to create the best cake using personal inspiration. This year's winning cake was designed by Valerie Pradhan and features mosaic tiles, roman architecture-inspired leaves, and a gorgeous watercolor effect. I am in love with the gold and turquoise color scheme!

Wilton 2014 Cake of the Year
Photo Credit: Wilton

After the cake was unveiled, we broke off into separate groups for the afternoon workshops! As I mentioned before, I attended a fondant workshop and a workshop using Wilton's Candy Melts. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of my Candy Melts creations, but I did get a few photos from the fondant workshop. They gave us a piece of cake topped with the new fondant so that we could taste test it! Let me tell you, it tastes SO good!

I then started working on my cupcake using the cut-outs set shown below. I brushed the butterfly fondant with Gold Pearl Dust and topped it with two colors of Sugar Pearls. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Fondant Workshop at Wilton Sweet Up Event

After completing the workshops, we had a fabulous dinner with the entire Wilton team and spent the rest of the night sipping on wine and chatting it up. I met so many wonderful ladies and it was an experience that I'll never ever forget - thanks Wilton!

Wilton Sweet Up 2014

Have you worked with fondant before?
Did you watch the live streaming of Sweet Up?

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Join Me for the Wilton Sweet Up Event!

If you've been stalking me on Instagram, then you know that I arrived in Illinois last night for the 2014 Wilton Sweet Up event! I am attending their event today along with 14 other Sweet Team bloggers, local press, and community members. They will be showcasing new products, giving live demonstrations, unveiling the 2014 Cake of the Year, and so much more.

The Sweet Up event begins at 1pm CST and will be streamed live via this link so that everyone can take part! How awesome is that? You can also follow @WiltonCakes on Twitter and participate in the conversation by using the hashtag #WiltonSweetUp. One lucky person will win an Ultimate Decorating Set - retail value of $199.99!

The part of the event I'm most excited about is the hands-on workshops. Prior to the event, I took a personality quiz to determine my different areas of expertise and to choose which 2 workshops I wanted to partake in.

I was SO surprised to see that the personality quiz results were spot-on. I'm totally a perfectionist and it often prevents me from tackling large baking projects, like a beautiful 4-layer cake. That is one of my baking goals for 2014, along with learning how to make fondant decorations.

Here are the 2 workshops I enrolled in...

Fresh Ideas For Fondant - I will get to work with Wilton’s new Decorator Preferred Rolled Fondant. I'll also be using the new Cut and Texture Sets to create fondant cupcake toppers.

Dip, Drizzle, and Decorate - Although I've used candy melts here, here, and here, this workshop will be interesting because I'll get to use the new melting pot and tools. They're also be revealing new Limited Edition flavors!

What kind of baker are you?
Have you ever taken a Wilton decorating class?

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