Current Crush: Nail Polish Love

Last week I announced that I would no longer be hosting Current Crush on my blog each week. Meet Kristen…she’s going to be your fabulous host for September! I have so much confidence in her and I just know she’s going to do an AMAZING job hosting for me, engaging with all of you, and spreading the word about this link-up!

This week Kristen is here to do a “guest post” of sorts so you all can get to know her better. Then next week, be sure to head on over to HER blog to link up your Current Crush posts. You’ll link up on her blog each Thursday for the month of September. One of those week’s she will be donating a giveaway prize and for another week, I’ll be donating a prize. You won’t want to miss out!!

So what are you waiting for…read more about Kristen and link up your posts below! Happy Thursday everyone and I can’t wait to go through your posts to see what you’re crushing on :)

hi y’all!!! i’m kristen and i blog at the wright stuff. I’mm soooo excited to be current crush thursday’s september host! working with danielle is such an honor…isn’t she the biggest sweetheart?! love her!!! sooooo….this being my first host i had to honor something danielle and i just love..nail polish!!!

honestly…if you follow us on twitter….we talk about it alot. prob too much…  ehh…we love it what can i say!!! well i’ve spent the last four months doing my own mani’s and pedi’s at home and i am addicted :) besides the fact that i can change my color a few times a week…i feel great that i did it myself. I just love a good bargain. oh and the great nail polish swaps that happen across the blogospehere…yeah i can’t pass one up! i’m doing my third one right now! i love picking colors for a new friend :) so here are a few of my wishlist colors!!! (some are way $$$ but hey a girl can dream!!)

don’t you just love a good neutral for everyday?!?
i’m loving the dark reds for fall/winter…
and a splash of color to accent a nail is the best!!!
what’s your fav winter colors?!?

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  1. says

    Welcome Kristen! Looking forward to Current Crush Thursday on your blog! =)

    I am loving that light pink Essie shade!

  2. says

    What!?! Why are we talking winter colours already? hahaha. I love the dark reds and coppers for fall. I still want to do another splash or two of fun summer colours before it’s too late. Great choices.

  3. says

    I love Kristen’s picks especially the Illamasqua! I just got a bottle in my August Glossybox and it is amazing!

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