DIY Fashion Inspiration Board

For the past week or so, I’ve been cleaning up my Pinterest boards. I deleted my old fashion board and created a new one. Why you ask? Well here’s the thing…I was starting to notice with my old board that I had a bunch of outfits pinned, but that some of them I no longer liked.

My fashion sense has been changing for the past year or so and I’m branching out from my “go-to look”, which is this…

Cardigan or boring sweater – check.
Striped or floral top – check.
Scarf to match – check.
Boots – check.

I always ended up with a similar look, but now I find myself wanting to try new things. I’d love to be the girl who can mix patterns without thinking twice about it. So I swapped out my old board for a new one.

I also noticed that no matter how many outfits I pinned to my board, I never actually tried them. So I decided to change this too. Here’s what I did…

DIY Fashion Inspiration Board | by Framed Frosting

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

DIY Fashion Inspiration Board

Make sure to hang this board somewhere in your bedroom or closet where you can easily see it. So that when you get dressed every morning, it will be there to INSPIRE you. To try NEW things.

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    I love this idea! I pin outfits, DIYs, recipes, etc ALL the time but most of them never seem to make it out of my computer. 😉

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