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DIY 21st Birthday Basket

I've always been pretty good at giving unique gifts to my friends and family. Most people say that I know what they need before they know for themselves. Well, Q is no different. I've always been pretty good at buying presents for his birthday, but this one was his 21st.

He's finally able to drink alcohol and I knew I wanted to do something special. I decided to put together a gift basket with a few of his favorite snacks along with some alcohol-themed items.

How to Put Together a 21st Birthday Basket

1. The Basket: I purchased a gift basket kit at World Market for $4.99 which included the basket, straw to fill the basket, cellophane bag, raffia, and gift tag!

2. Buncha Crunch: One of Q's favorite snacks. The only place we've ever seen these sold is in the movie theatre, so when I saw them at Target I snatched him a bag!

3. Pretzel Crisps: Another one of his favorite snacks. Plus, they're amazing when topped with Brie cheese!

4. Wine Book: This Good, Better, Best wine book has wines for each price category which are categorized based on variety and each one comes with a summary of it's tasting notes. I thought this would be a good way for him to try a few wines and remember which ones he likes and doesn't.

5. Gummy Bears: I got the idea from Pinterest to soak gummy bears in vodka so I thought I'd include these in case him and his roommates decided to give it a try!

6. Corkscrew: You can't really open a bottle of wine without one of these babies.

7. Godiva Chocolates: This is one of Q and I's favorite places to buy chocolate from. I handpicked 12 of his favorite truffles and had them wrapped up in a gift box.

8. Shotglass: I purchased the Canada maple leaf shot glass when I visited my family last summer. I thought it would be cute to include something in his basket that would remind him of me.

9. DIY Cocktail Book: I went through my cocktail recipes and picked out my favorites to create a cocktail recipe book out of.

I made these fabulous cocktail recipe cards on my computer, printed them out, and laminated them. I then punched a hole in each one, and hung them on a binder ring. Now if Q wants a fancy drink, he'll have the recipes for over 50 cocktails!

You can have your own cocktail recipe book too!
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DIY 21st Birthday Gift Basket {Also a link to download 16 FREE cocktail recipe cards}

There you have it...
A simple way to wish someone a "Happy 21st Birthday!"

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  1. I have a brother who just turned 21 (on the 5th) and I should do something like this for him! I couldn't even reach him by phone on his birthday, so I've never even told him happy birthday yet. Am I a terrible sis? :)

  2. This is such a good idea! It's too bad all my friends already turned 21! :)

  3. What a great array of treats for your boy!!! Great idea!!!

  4. This is brilliant! I love the idea of making someone a gift basket that is 100% personalized to them! Thanks for sharing :) Pinned!


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