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Dinner, Dessert, and a Show

Last night I felt like trying something new for dinner. As I browsed my 200+ recipes on Pinterest, I decided to make lasagna roll-ups. I am a big fan of lasagna but not so big on all the beef in them. These rolls sounded like a great idea since I would get more noodles and less meat. I also decided to whip up some garlic bread to go with it. The boyfriend gave it an 8 out of 10 and I gave it a 7.

Although I wasn't crazy about the lasagna, our simple yet delicious dessert made up for it! I forgot to take pictures but here's a picture from Pinterest. They were incredibly easy to make and the perfect combination of flavors! Just simply take crescent rolls, spread with PB, sprinkle with chocolate chips, roll up, and bake! I also added coconut in mine and the boyfriend added toffee bits. Both of those add-ins were delicious too. I also ate mine with vanilla ice cream on top. Yum!


We enjoyed our chocolate PB crescent rolls as we watched It's Complicated. It was a great date night.  Delicious food, good company, and a great romantic comedy.

And as for tonight, we're getting together to watch the finale of our favourite show...Love in the Wild! I still haven't decided who I want to win (although I'm leaning towards Miles & Heather) but I have decided what's on the menu for tonight. We're going to try our chances at making some delicious popcorn but with a twist. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Cinnamon Bun popcorn and we can't wait to try it! I'll share my thoughts on it tomorrow. I'm just hoping ours turns out as good as this picture because that looks pretty darn delicious and high in calories. Oh well!

**UPDATE: Although we didn't get to watch the LITW finale (Q's brother was in town unexpectedly) we did make a batch of cinnamon bun popcorn after they left. Oh my goodness. This stuff was pretty to make and it was absolutely delicious. The only downside, I was pouring in the hot mixture (VERY HOT mixture) while Q was stirring it through the popcorn when some of the mixture caught his two fingers. He had a pretty good reflex and while screaming ran it under some cold water but the damage was already done. Two burnt fingers and hot mixture on my top and shorts. Thankfully that mixture didn't touch my skin and it dried pretty quickly, allowing me to just peel it off my clothes. Poor Q though. He was more worried about buying me new clothes because he ruined them rather than dealing with his burnt fingers. So needless to say, we spent the rest of the night watching Jay Leno and icing his fingers. But damn, that popcorn was so worth it. Seriously. Go bake yourself a batch.

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