February Birchbox

It’s time again for the wonderful Birchbox! Mine arrived pretty early this month, which I wasn’t expecting, and of course it arrives on the one weekend I don’t bring my camera home. I had to use my mom’s camera which isn’t the greatest, so I’m sorry for the crappy quality pictures. Because of this, the post this month will be a bit different, but I hope you still enjoy it!

So this month’s theme was “Spotlight” which introduced some “exciting items from brands that are changing the way we think about familiar products.”

1/ Beauty Blender sponge 
Retails for $19.95 at Sephora
{Current Box Value: $19.95}
— The first thing that I saw when I opened my box was the Beauty Blender!! I was so excited when I heard that this was being put in some of the February boxes. I just started using liquid foundation at the end of last year and I really loved it. However, I hate feeling like I’ve caked it on so I started testing out new application techniques. Using my fingers just wasn’t cutting it. The method I like the best so far is using a stippling brush like this one but I’m so excited to try the BeautyBlender! I’ll let you know what I think!

2/ Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
Retails for $50 for 2.6 oz
My Sample Value: $8.65 for 0.45 oz
{Current Box Value: $28.60}
— I just heard about Dermalogica this week while watching this Birchbox video on YouTube. Their Pre-Cleanse product looked really interesting and I was looking forward to trying that in my box. But I’m still pretty happy to see this instead. I don’t really use an exfoliant except for one by Clinique so it will be interesting to see how the two compare. This formula is really unique because it’s a powder that you mix with water to create a rich paste.

UPDATE: I went to use this today and noticed a side of the box that talked about FITE.org donations. I didn’t realize it when I first opened my Birchbox, but this product has the ability to donate to an organization! Just go to joinFITE.org/birchbox and it will give you a code. You then pick a business (I picked retail) and a part of the world (I picked Kenya) and that’s it. $1 is donated to that business! So cool!

3/ Eye Rock Designer Liners
Retails for $13 for a set of two
My Sample Value: $6.50
{Current Box Value: $35.10}
— I have never heard of these before but they do kinda look interesting. I’m not much of a dramatic eyeliner person. I prefer to just draw a thin line on my eyelid and be done with it. So I probably won’t be using these, but I’d love to do a giveaway with you guys if you’re interested! Please let me know.
4/ Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Pearl
Retails for $38 for 1.7 oz
My Sample Value: $1.56 for 0.07 oz
{Current Box Value: $36.66}
— Jouer is a brand that I’ve received in my box now three times, but all different products. I know some girls don’t appreciate that but I do because it’s given me a chance to fully experiment with the brand. In December, I purchased a full size of the Jouer gloss and absolutely love it! I’m exciting to try this as well, especially because I love trying new tinted moisturizers! I received mine in pearl but they do have other colors too.
EXTRA/ Nail File
My Sample Value: unknown
{Current Box Value: $36.66}
— This heart-shaped nail file was such a cute extra. It tied into Valentine’s Day very nicely and it’s practical. Especially for a girl like me who has been obsessed with nail polish lately!
EXTRA/ Green River Ordinance mp3 songs
Each song retails for $1.29 cents on iTunes
My Sample Value: $7.74 for 6 free song downloads
{Current Box Value: $44.40}
This month was a great one for Birchbox! I absolutely love everything in my box (with the exception of the eye liner stickers) and am so excited to play around with the new products! And for those of you who haven’t heard of Green River Ordinance, you need to listen to this song of theirs on YouTube. I promise you’ll like it. The remind me of The Script a little bit.
Thanks Birchbox for such a wonderful month! I’m most excited to try out that BeautyBlender! I still can’t get over the fact that it’s full value is double the box! Speaking of value, my box this month was worth $44.40 total. That just blows my mind!! I don’t understand how other ladies can say it’s not worth it. I totally disagree!


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    I actually really liked the eye stickers. They look really strange in the packet, but they’re actually strangely flattering. I think they’ll be really fun for concerts and parties. I ended up using my Birchbox points to buy a couple packs.

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    You will LOVE the Beauty Blender! I have been using it for a few months and I can see a HUGE difference in how my makeup looks when I use it. Best.Product.Ever. Also, I use the Dermalogica on a daily basis with my Clairsonic and it has REALLY helped my face! You got a great Birchbox. I was disappointed in mine this month. Cute blog!! 😉

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    With all the great hype about the Beauty Blender, I thought I would love it. However, I only ended up using it once. I don’t like a thick layer of foundation and I found it didn’t apply as nice as my stippling brush.

    If any of you are interested in my BB and the cleanser for it, shoot me an e-mail. I only used it once and I would love for it to go to a better home!

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