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HauteLook Haul: Philosophy

I have been wanting to try some items from the Philosophy line for awhile now but I just couldn't justify the prices. A couple months ago I placed a Sephora order and had received a free sample of the Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer. I really liked how it moisturized my skin, contained spf 20, and gave me a little color. I immediately knew I wanted to buy it but for $38, there was absolutely no way.

That's when I got an email from HauteLook saying that they were having a philosophy sale! For those of you who aren't familiar with the website, HauteLook has sales on clothes, beauty, etc. The brands are changed out every few days and items don't last long since the products are usually 20% to 30% retail price.

I hurried my booty over to their website and thank goodness, the tinted moisturize was a part of this sale! It wasn't last month when I checked, so I was thrilled when I saw it yesterday and for only $24.50. That's not even the best part though.

I also spotted the Dark Shadows Eye Cream that I had wanted to try too. Being a college student, I don't get too many hours of sleep and I am always waking up with dark circles under my eyes. I usually cover it up with concealer, but I don't always have time in the mornings. I thought I would give this product a chance and for only $21.50 I couldn't not buy it.

With my three items in my shopping cart (I also picked up a $4 pack of nail polish removing pads) I was just about to checkout when a thought crossed my mind, "I wonder if I could find any HauteLook coupons on Google?" That's when I hit the jackpot and came across this beauty. The page included a coupon code: "10OFF50OCT" which was good for $10 off any $50 purchase. I added that to my cart and happily checked out.

That coupon made my tinted moisturizer only $19.50 and the dark shadows cream was $16.50. Those two prices sounded much better than $38 and $33.

Let's see exactly how much shopping through HauteLook saved me...

Philosophy Website
Moisturizer - $38
Shadows cream - $33
Shipping - $5.95
TOTAL: $76.95

HauteLook (with $10 off coupon)
Moisturizer - $19.50
Shadows cream - $16.50
Nail Polish Wipes - $4.00
Shipping - $4.95
TOTAL: $44.95

By shopping from HauteLook's website I saved $32 and was able to purchase nail polish remover wipes along with my two Philosophy products. Definitely an online shopping trip done right.

If you'd like to join HauteLook and see what it's all about, click here.

Pssst: Stila Cosmetics is starting their HauteLook sale on Monday at 8AM Pacific.
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